Vending Machines Consumer Perceptions

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A recent vending machine industry-wide survey revealed that the vending machine industry is losing many potential consumers due to a lack of consumer education. The study surveyed 2,223 people over the Internet. The objective of the new vending machine industry study was to determine vending machine consumer motives for purchase decisions. The study also examined potential areas to expand vending machine use and the general public's awareness of new vending machine technology and products.

The key findings of the vending machine industry survey are listed below.

  • Reasons for vending machine purchases. Vending machine consumers cited convenience and ease as the top reasons for making vending machine purchases.
  • Vending machine consumers were hesitant to make vending machine purchases mainly because of poor selection and a misconception that vending machines do no offer healthy options.
  • Brand recognition is vital to vending machine sales. Vending machine consumers expressed a high brand loyalty. Most vending machine consumers browse vending machines prior to purchase and select a familiar item.
  • Potential vending machine consumers think vend prices are high in comparison to other retail outlets. Vending machine consumers are unaware that sales tax and bottle deposits must be included in the price of vending machine products.
  • Most vending machine customers are unaware of new vending machine technology. New vending machine technology like cashless payment options appealed to a good portion of those surveyed. Also, vending machine consumers did not know about new technology that ensures product delivery.

Most potential vending machine consumers were hesitant to make vending machine purchases because of a belief that vending machines do not offer healthy or fresh products and a perception of high vending machine prices. Vending machine customers expressed a desire to read nutrition labels prior to purchase. Also, potential vending machine consumers felt they could not trust the freshness of vending machine items. If vending machine operators can make nutritional information accessible, and alert consumers to the freshness of items in vending machines, they can expand their consumer base.

The vast majority of vending machine consumers browse selections before making a choice. Therefore, point of sale promotions, like digital displays are a great way of capturing impulse vending machine sales. Vending machine operators can use this information to improve the vending machine industry. There is no doubt that better advertising and consumer education are needed to improve vending machine consumer confidence.


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