Balance for Life Vending Machine Campaign

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Two years ago, the vending machine industry launched its "Balanced for Life" campaign. The goal of the campaign was not only to encourage healthier menus in vending machines, but to help change the negative stigma associated with vending machines. In a society obsessed with health, vending machines have long been viewed as a source of junk food. However, with new vending machine technology and new vending machine products, this stereotype is changing. The Balanced for Life campaign has truly helped to bring light to the efforts made by the vending machine industry to promote a healthier image.

The campaign has seen great success in schools where vending machine operators have teamed up with school officials to create wellness initiatives. The vending machine industry has made a host of resources available to vending machine operators, including:

  • Health Information Transparencies to stick on vending machines
  • New vending machine menus designed in collaboration with dieticians
  • Posters to inform the public of vending machine wellness initiatives
  • Brochures with smart vending machine snack tips designed for students

Last year public schools were required to design wellness programs. Now, they will also be required to document their efforts to educated students. Vending machine operators in schools can share their resources with school directors in an effort to promote student health. The vending machine industry also has campaign dieticians available to help design vending machine menus that comply with new nutritional guidelines.

Many vending machine operators with school vending machine locations have found success with milk in vending machines . New packaging and flavors of milk have made this product more appealing in vending machines. Furthermore, they offer a great alternative to traditional sugary soda vending machine products.

The vending machine industry's Balanced for Life campaign has also begun to spread beyond schools. The vending machine industry has expanded their program to workplace vending machine locations. New transparencies have been designed for workplace vending machines. Also, there is information available to vending machine operators to help them design healthy programs for adults. Using these tools to design a healthy menu can be a huge advantage for a vending machine operator to secure a new vending machine location.

The vending machine industry's healthy campaign is slowly helping to change the public perception of vending machines. The most important thing is that it is making vending machine consumers more aware of their dietary decisions and vending machine purchases.


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