Hidden Messages in Soda Vending Machines

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The glowing face of a soda vending machine beckons you closer. You scan the trays in the soda vending machine, and something inside of you whispers "thirsty." Your eyes fixate on a brightly colored blue and silver can and your mouth goes try. You quickly rummage for a few coins and pop them into the soda machine. As you wrap your fingers around the cool metal can and take that first sip all you can say is, "Ahhhhh." The soda vending machine has claimed another unknowing victim. You leave a satisfied soda vending machine customer, but did you really want that soda?

Soda vending machine product packaging is designed to entice the buyer. Soda machine purchases are impulse buys, thus the drink manufacturer only has a few seconds to convince you to buy their product. Many times consumers choose certain products without knowing exactly why. The secret is that visual cues can elicit unconscious psychological responses. For decades, soda vending machine product manufacturers have used this knowledge in package design strategy. There are three key elements to designing enticing packaging for display in soda vending machines.

  • COLOR: Color is the first thing to register in the mind of a soda vending machine patron. Colors are associated with emotional states and often elicit these emotions. Blue is a cool color often associated with water and liquid while red is an intense color. Greens have gained popularity due to its ties to organic soda machine products like teas and health drinks. Bright colors are often used for sweet soda machine products because they are seen as fun and pleasing colors.
  • GRAPHICS: Logos, fonts, and pictures are used on soda vending machine products to convey brand attributes. Cartoons are used to attract children to soda vending machine products. Furthermore, brand notoriety like Pepsi's infamous logo help soda vending machine consumers to recognize their favorite products.
  • SHAPE: Although most cans and bottles in soda vending machines are standardized, manufacturers have begun to stretch their limits. Tall, slender cans are used for soda machine energy drinks and may be a subliminal suggestion of weight control benefits. The shape of the soda machine plastic coke bottle is modeled after old glass Coke machine bottles to capture brand loyalty. Furthermore, plastic Pepsi machine soda bottles have their own distinctive shape to set them apart from the competition.

The small details in soda vending machine product packages are no mistake. They have been fine tuned and well-thought out to encourage sales. So the next time you find yourself standing in front of a soda machine, think whether you're making a decision based on taste or looks.


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