Digital Displays

Digital Displays Can Boost Soda Vending Machine Sales

New advances in digital display technology for new soda vending machines have made the incorporation of digital displays more affordable for soda vending machine operators. Digital displays for soda vending machines can be very effective in advertising soda vending machine products and generating more revenue. The digital displays are small LCD screens placed on the soda vending machines.

Soda vending machine manufacturers are currently experimenting with the placement of these digital displays. Some have placed small screens above the soda vending machine’s coin mechanism while others have chosen to put a large screen across the top of the soda vending machine. Touch enabled interface devices on the front of soda vending machines provide the soda vending machine customer with self-guided video content. The interactive digital content creates a perceived personal space for the soda vending machine customer. This is a powerful tool in stimulating more impulse soda vending machine purchases.

Other benefits of this technology to soda vending machine operators include:

  1. Soda vending machine maintenance expenses will decrease. Graphic icons incur lower maintenance costs than mechanical buttons on soda vending machines.
  2. They can easily maintain their soda vending machine consumer base. Static soda vending machine information will be replaced with dynamic content which will keep soda vending machine consumers interested. Furthermore, new soda vending machine digital display content can advertise new soda vending machine products.
  3. Upselling soda vending machine products will be possible. Soda vending machine product information and advertising at the point of purchase creates an opportunity for soda vending machine product upselling. Since soda vending machine consumers make their final decisions at the point of purchase, the soda vending machine buyer’s decision can be influenced.
  4. They can secure more new soda vending machine locations. Soda vending machine operators will have a competitive advantage when competing for soda vending machine locations. Not only with soda vending machine operators be able to offer a more advanced soda vending machine, but they will also be able to generate more soda vending machine sales.
  5. They can remotely monitor their soda vending machines. The digital display hardware on soda vending machines is capable of simple machine networking. Therefore, bi-directional remote soda vending machine monitoring is possible.
  6. No soda vending machine storage space will be wasted. The LCD content for the soda vending machine digital display is stored in its own dedicated hard drive. Therefore, the storage of information will not steal space from the soda vending machine product storage areas.
  7. Soda vending machine displays are multifunctional. Split screen features in soda vending machine digital displays enable several media sources to be displayed at once. Therefore, a soda vending machine operator can advertise his soda vending machine business in the top portion of the screen and new soda vending machine products in the bottom portion.


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