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As soda sales from Coke vending machines decline, consumers seek out alternatives. Pepsi vending machine operators must be aware of Coke vending machine sales and trends and offer the public new drinks in their Pepsi vending machines . Vencoa has great Coke machines and Pepsi vending machines for sale.

Although Coke machine and Pepsi vending machine sales have consistently led the vending machine industry in sales, recent trends show a decline in carbonated soft drink vending machine sales. Many vending machine consumers can still recall the old Coke vending machines that sold sodas in glass bottles. However, nostalgia is not enough to keep Pepsi vending machine sales up. Carbonated soda sales from Pepsi vending machines won't disappear entirely, but Coke vending machine operators will have to adjust to lower rates of soda sales.

The decrease in carbonated soda sales from Pepsi vending machines is due to new concerns regarding sugar intake and weight management coupled with a desire for new flavors. Coke vending machine consumers are becoming more health conscious and now opt for water instead of soda. Recent studies show that Pepsi vending machine consumers view carbonated sodas as a treat reserved for special events like parties, movies, and sporting events. Also, concerned parents are monitoring their child's Coke machine intakes. Furthermore, schools have replaced traditional Pepsi vending machines with milk vending machines.

Since Coke vending machine consumers are purposefully limiting their intake of vending machine sodas, they must be purchasing alternative drinks. Therefore, Pepsi vending machine operators must offer other choices in their Pepsi vending machines to remain profitable. Most popular in Pepsi vending machines are new and innovative beverages that reflect the needs of a contemporary lifestyle. Such choices like carbonated fruit juices provide sweetness and fizz with added vitamins and nutrients. Flavored, carbonated waters also help satisfy the craving for vending machine soda without the guilt.

Luckily, Coke vending machine operators do not need to invent new drinks for their Coke vending machines. The Coke vending machine product manufacturers do the work for them. Vending machine product manufacturers analyze and predict trends in public taste and create new products for the vending machine industry. A savvy Pepsi vending machine operator just needs to be aware of the new products available so that he can stock his Pepsi vending machine wisely. Keeping on top of the changing desires of Coke vending machine consumers is critical to staying alive in the Coke vending machine industry.

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