The New Soda Vending Machine Welcomes Milk

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In recent years, the soda vending machine industry has seen the rapid growth of milk as a soda vending machine option. The success of milk in new soda vending machines has been helped by the rising consumer demand for healthier options and new school soda vending machine regulations.

The trend of placing milk products in new soda vending machines is steadily gaining momentum. Recently, milk vending machine products made the category transition from food to soda vending machine item. This fact is reflected in the increase of mixed soda vending machines which now include several milk vending machine products. Many soda vending machine operators predicted the rise of milk vending and have already added milk items into their soda vending machine product mix. Surveys show that approximately 40% of soda vending machine operators offer milk items. While many think that schools represent the majority of milk purchases from soda vending machines, this is not the case. Factory, business, and industry locations make up the bulk of the soda vending machine milk market. Soda vending machine operators with milk products report that converting two to three slots to milk can help bolster sales without harming their traditional soda vending machine consumer base. Some soda vending operators have found enough success with milk products to justify implementation of soda vending machines for milk products only. However, these soda vending machines that are dedicated to milk must be strategically placed and usually cannot completely replace conventional soda vending machines.

The breakthrough of milk into the soda vending machine industry has been carefully planned. The dairy industry launched their famous "got milk" campaign several years ago to increase milk sales. Since then, milk vending machine product manufacturers have created new products designed for soda vending machines. New milk flavors and packaging are geared towards soda vending machine consumers. Furthermore, the increasing variety of milk beverages available for soda vending machines indicates that manufacturers are investing in the future of milk for soda vending machines.

This past year alone has seen an incremental increase of 900 million units of milk sold. Although the sales of milk through soda vending machines remain strong, there is still a large potential for growth. Secondary schools remain a relatively untapped market. Recent regulations have removed all non-diet soft drinks from soda vending machines in secondary schools. Thus, there is a large gap in soda vending machines that can be filled with milk products. As the public embraces the idea of healthy soda vending machine alternatives, soda vending machine meet changing demands.


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