Tea for Soda Vending Machines

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As America's health concerns rise, soda vending machine operators have seen a consumer shift away from traditional soda vending machine products. Soda bottlers, however, have been slow to deal with this national trend. If soda vending machine operators want to remain successful, they must find new ways to adapt to a changing soda vending machine consumer base.

Recent diet fads have inspired many Americans to restrict their sugar and caloric intakes. With over 100 calories per drink, traditional soda vending machine products are declining in popularity. Some soda vending machine product manufacturers have created new diet soda drinks. Diet sodas appeal to soda vending machine consumers who desire soda without the calories.

However, soda machine product manufacturers are reluctant to desert their traditional soda machine products. The United States currently has the world's strongest soda vending machine product brands. However, most soda vending machine product manufacturers rely too heavily on their carbonated beverage products. Soda machine product manufacturers do not want to risk losses at a time when the costs of raw materials (like aluminum and high fructose corn syrup) are rising.

One surprising new trend has been the rapid growth of ready to drink teas in soda vending machines. Coca cola, one soda vending machine product manufacturer, has just signed an agreement to distribute three new flavors of tea drinks in the United States. The new tea drinks which can be sold in soda vending machines are lemon tea, green tea with ginseng and honey, and sweet tea. The popularity of tea in soda vending machines is due in part to the perceived health benefits of teas. Recent studies have suggested that teas contain healthy antioxidants and may promote weight loss.

Soda vending machine product manufacturers have also followed suit in this new tea craze. Soda machine product manufacturers have designed attractive new packaging which can easily be displayed in a glass front soda vending machine. They have also developed new, non traditional tea flavors to encourage new tea consumers.

Soda vending machine operators still contend that traditional soda machine products sell the best. However, they will admit that offering new selections, like tea, in certain locations may help to keep their soda vending machine businesses profitable. Soda vending machine operators must constantly tailor their menus to an ever changing soda vending machine consumer base.


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