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Although technology has allowed soda vending machine businesses to downsize, quality employees are still a valuable asset. Soda vending machine salespeople and route drivers are often a soda machine business' first and last line of contact with soda vending machine locations. Therefore, hiring is vital to any soda machine business. Below are guidelines for hiring the best possible employees for a soda machine business.

  • Job Description: A soda vending machine business must define the job and make it appealing to prospective candidates. List the positives of the soda vending machine job up front (i.e. pay, paid training, working inside/outside, meeting new people). Next, carefully review the list of requirements to make sure all the qualities are necessary to succeed at the soda vending machine position.
  • Visualize: Imagine the perfect soda machine business employee. Decide on what values, work ethics, experience, and attributes they need to make your soda vending machine company a success. Having this in mind will make it easier to spot the perfect candidate.
  • Advertising: Soliciting soda vending machine employee applicants through the newspaper is not the best idea. First, ask current soda vending machine employees for suggestions. They understand the soda vending machine job and know which of their acquaintances would make a good fit. Furthermore, the soda vending machine employee will make an extra effort to ensure that the new soda machine employee they recommended performs up to par. Other places to look for potential soda vending machine employees are work programs at local colleges or other soda vending machine businesses that are downsizing.
  • Pre-screen Applicants: Pre-screening allows the soda machine company to spend time interviewing only the most promising candidates. The pre-screen process gives the soda vending machine managers time to gather information regarding potential employee work availability, work history, wage expectations, qualifications, and experience.
  • Interviews: This allows the soda vending machine company to learn more about a candidate. This is also the soda vending machine company's time to sell the position to the applicant. The soda vending machine company interviewer should write out their questions to keep the interview flowing in a smooth and orderly manner. As soon as the interview is complete, the soda vending machine company interviewer should write down pertinent notes on the applicant and assign them a ranking. This will make it easier to make a final decision when hiring someone new to join the soda vending machine business.


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