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As health concerns rise, milk vending machines replace soft drink vending machines. Buy milk vending machines from Vencoa for school and family oriented locations.

Today's consumer market is saturated with nutrition oriented food and drink options. With rising childhood obesity and diabetes rates, parents are more concerned than ever about their children's' health. As a result, many parents look unfavorably upon high sugar sodas and juices sold in convenient cold drink vending machines. So what can cold drink vending machine operators do to remain competitive in a health conscious world?

Tap into the relatively new market of milk vending machine sales!

Sales of milk in milk vending machines allow vending machine operators to gain a share of this lucrative market. Milk has gained much praise for its health benefits along the lines of these new health trends. Scientific research has even found a correlate between low fat milk consumption and weight loss. The conventional benefits of milk still exist: including maintenance of strong bones and healthy teeth.

Some cold drink vending machine operators remain hesitant because of concerns regarding the appeal of milk as compared to sodas and juices commonly found in cold drink vending machines. Luckily, improved single serve packaging, wide mouth plastic bottles, and new graphic designs have helped to boost interest in milk vending machine products. Furthermore, milk is now produced in a variety of flavors from chocolate to strawberry and orange, all of which can be sold in milk vending machines. While new, flavored milk is growing in popularity at a rate of 5% increases in sales per year. Parents will feel much more confident in allowing their children to buy low fat chocolate milk from a milk vending machine than a high sugar soda from a soft drink vending machine.

Cold drink vending machine operators who are still doubtful of milk vending machine profits should look at the established milk vending machine sales. In schools, milk vending machine sales averaged 313 units sold per week per vendor. Furthermore, once the initial novelty has worn off, milk vending machine sales show a retention rate better than most new vending machine products. Most schools have embarked in wellness campaigns and are more willing to serve as locations to milk vending machines as opposed to conventional cold drink vending machines.

Besides schools, milk vending machine sales has also seen a considerable amount of success in adult locations. Demand for more family friendly vending machines selections offers many opportunities for milk vending machines. Aquariums, zoos, theme parks, and malls that have milk vending machines have all seen the popularity and acceptance of this new vending product.

Want to buy a milk vending machine? Vencoa offers a great selection of milk vending machine and cold drink vending machines to accommodate your milk vending needs.

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