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The 3/6 Selectivend* Combo II combination soda vending machine combines a 27 selection snack vending machine and a 6 selection soda machine into one handsome cabinet. The soda vending machines component of the Selectivend* Combo II vending machine can accommodate either cans or bottles. Furthermore, a chilled option allows cool air from the soda machine side to keep chocolates in the snack vending machine from melting. The snack portion of this snack and soda vending machine has seven fully adjustable trays that can be configured to meet your vending machine needs. This USI / Selectivend* Combo II snack and soda vending machine offers variety to suit any of your snack and soda vending machine locations. The soda machine section can vend 12 oz can or 16 oz, 20 oz, and 24 oz bottles.

Selectivend* Combo II Dimensions:

  • 72" high
  • 42" wide
  • 34 3/8" deep
  • 987 lbs

Electrical requirements for this Selectivend* Combo II snack and soda machine are standard 115 VAC, 7 Amps.

Other great features of this new Selectivend* Combo II snack and soda vending machine include:

  • Tiltling first-in-first-out shelving
  • Snack chiller from soda vending machine side
  • Re-configurable trays, no tools needed
  • Lighted product display for increased soda vending machine sales
  • Easy to use snap in display product holders
  • Back lighted point of sale window that can be changed
  • Coin mechanism and $1/$5/$10/$20 bill acceptor
  • DEX/UCS capable
  • Delivered Price: $4,695.00 (includes freight, delivery, and complete soda vending machine warranties)

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*Vencoa is an authorized distributor of USI vending machines and is not an authorized distributor of Selectivend products.