Alpine 500 Vending Machines

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Snack, Food, Soda & Ice Cream Vending Machine / Combination Vending Machine
The Alpine 5000 single temperature refrigerated glass front combination vending machine will suit all of your food, dairy, snack, soda and ice cream vending machine needs. This new, refrigerated, combination vending machine can accommodate up to sixty selections of food, dairy, ice cream and soda vending machine items. The Alpine vending machine features a large glass front window to display all of your vending machine items. This combination vending machine is equipped with advanced I-Vend sensor technology to ensure vending machine product delivery.


  • 72" tall
  • 41" wide
  • 38" deep
  • 975 lbs

Other great features of the Alpine refrigerated snack, food, soda and ice cream vending machine are:

  • Energy efficient design and foamed-in-place insulated cabinet door.
  • MDB/DEX communication capable.
  • Versatile and easy to adjust trays and helix coils.
  • Scrolling message display at the vending machine point of sale.
  • Coin mechanism and $1/$5/$10/$20 bill acceptors.
  • I-Vend sensor software to ensure product delivery or money back.
  • One push lever vending machine door lock, for easy use.
  • Meets NAMA health safety requirements to ensure product freshness.
  • Individually priced vending machine product selections.

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