CB700 Soda Vending Machines

Vencoa's soda vending machines prices are lower than machines from Selectivend, Fawn, Federal, or USI.

Vencoa has a great variety of new soda vending machines for sale. All new USI Selectivend* soda vending machines are shipped directly from the factory in Des Moines to anywhere in the nation. Vencoa has the lowest prices on new soda vending machines. At Vencoa, we are dedicated to providing you with a soda vending machine that will match your needs.

The new CB700 soda vending machines are our largest soda vending machines. These new soda vending machines can accommodate up to twelve different selections of canned or bottled drinks. Furthermore, CB 700 soda vending machines have great capacity, and can hold up to 728 cans or 322 bottles. Thus, these soda vending machines are perfect for high traffic locations. Twelve selections of drink give soda vending machine operators flexibility in product menus. You can cater to a variety of soda vending machine customers and sell diet and regular sodas as well as bottled waters, sports drinks, and juices. This soda vending machine ensures that your customers will be satisfied.

The CB 700 soda vending machines will vend a variety of can and bottle sizes, up to 24 ounces. Individual pricing can be set for each product in the soda vending machine from $0 to $999.95.

Other features of the CB 700 new soda vending machines make it an easy vending machine to use for both customer and soda vending machine operators. The bright, eye-catching graphic display on the face of the soda vending machine is designed to entice soda vending machine consumers to make impulse purchases. The soda vending machine control panel has also been designed with the customer in mind. The soda vending machine's large, lighted buttons on the control panel make it easy for consumers and soda vending machine operators to use. Furthermore, this soda vending machine, like all of our soda vending machines, meets the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

When you buy new soda vending machines for Vencoa, you can be sure that you are getting the best deal. All our prices include freight, delivery, and complete warranties. You get a one soda vending machine year parts warranty, a five year compressor parts warranty, and a two year parts warranty on the soda vending machine coin mechanism and bill acceptor. Our nationwide customer support staff is on hand, should you have any problems with your new soda vending machine.

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All vending machines are priced lower than the identical machines from Selectivend, USI, Fawn, or Federal.

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