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Vencoa's prices are lower than machines from Selectivend, Fawn, Federal, or USI.

There are a few simple ways to determine whether the company seeking to find you locations is reputable. First, ask the company whether the locations they offer already have vending machines. If the company is seeking to place vending machines in a business that has no vending machines or does not have the type of machine in operation offered by you, the chances are extremely high that you will lose money. Companies that do not currently have vending machines are companies that are almost always viewed by established vending operators, as well as Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola bottlers, as inherently unprofitable vending opportunities. If a particular type of vending machine is not currently in operation at a location, your purchase of a machine to fill this perceived need for soft drinks, candies, or anything else, will almost always result in a financial loss.

Secondly, consider the type of vending machines for sale that are being offered to you for purchase by the locator. If the machines are mechanical, walk away. There is not a professional, established vending company in the United States that chooses to operate mechanical vending machines over electronic machines. Mechanical machines offer unacceptably low capacity levels and often have no capability to accept dollar bills or to make change. Without dollar bill acceptance, 50% of potential sales are lost.

Why, then, do so many locating companies offer mechanical vending machines for sale to their clients? The answer is not because the machines are easier to operate and less likely to malfunction. Today's electronic vending machines are extremely reliable and rarely malfunction. Rather, mechanical machines can be priced absurdly high and still be a few hundred dollars less than a full size, commercial grade electronic machine with a built in coin mechanism and dollar bill acceptor that makes change. Mechanical machines are considered toys by professional vending operators and should be avoided.


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