Route Driver Productivity


Soda vending machine route drivers are an integral part of a soda vending machine operation. All soda vending machine operators know that increasing route driver productivity will increase profits. Thus, most soda vending machine operators pay route drivers on a commission basis. The soda vending machine route drivers receive a base salary plus a percentage of weekly soda vending machine sales. This system is designed to encourage soda vending machine route drivers to take a more proactive role in increasing sales.

Most soda vending operators feel that incentive programs are necessary to encourage route productivity. While, this may be true, incentive programs alone may not be enough to maximize profits. In theory, incentive programs work when employees have total control over their own productivity. However, when it comes to soda vending machines, consumers also play a role.

When soda vending machine operators create incentive programs, route drivers are encouraged to service as many machines as possible per day in an effort to collect as much money as possible. However, this mindset can be harmful to a soda vending machine business. Route drivers may cut corners in an effort to work faster. They may speed between soda vending machine locations, ignore sanitation and cleaning requirements, or fail to test vend each soda vending machine after service. These types of practices will only jeopardize the profitability of the soda vending machine business.

Instead, soda vending machine operators must find a way to encourage their route drivers to do a thorough job in an efficient manner. Soda vending machine route drivers must follow all health and safety guidelines. Furthermore, proper cleaning of all soda vending machines will prevent costly future breakdowns.

Soda vending machine route drivers can improve their efficiency by eliminating wasteful route practices instead of rushing through their jobs. By spending a little extra time talking to clients, soda vending machine route drivers can determine what products and services consumers desire. Soda vending machine route drivers should carefully pre-select product menus for each soda vending machine location to maximize sales. Also, a good soda vending machine route driver will know when a soda vending machine location needs to be serviced. This will eliminated unnecessary trips to soda vending machine locations.

Soda vending machine operators should take these factors into consideration when designing incentive programs for their route drivers. Proper soda vending machine route driver training will also help to maximize efficiency and sales.


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