Increasing Profits With Preventative Maintenance

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In order to run a successful vending machine business, you must stock and properly maintain vending machines. However, most vending machine operators delegate little management attention to the overseeing of equipment maintenance. Instead, vending machine operators wait for a vending machine to break down and respond to emergency calls as needed. However, better management can increase revenue by decreasing the number of emergency calls.

Some emergency calls, like when a cup gets jammed in a hot beverage vending machine or when a coin acceptor malfunctions on an ice cream vending machine, are unpredictable. However, there are times when emergency calls can be prevented. Clogged filters in coffee or hot beverage vending machines and compressors that stop cooling soft drink vending machines or frozen food vending machines are examples of problems that can be avoided by making small maintenance management adjustments. All filter cartridges have a set life-span, so knowing when a water filter should be changed on a coffee vending machine can prevent the vending machine from clogging.

Likewise, refrigeration compressors will stop cooling soft drink and food vending machines once their fins become clogged. Regular cleaning of soft drink vending machine and cold food vending machine compressors will prevent this problem. These are just a few examples of preventative maintenance techniques which could drastically improve vending machine profits by saving money. The estimated cost of addressing one of these problems via an emergency call is around $200. However, if the vending machine receives regularly scheduled attention by a route-person, it will only cost one or two extra dollars.

In order to maximize revenue, vending machine operators should practice the following:

  1. Stop Predictable Problems: Avoid many emergency calls by routine maintenance by a route person. Route people should be scheduled to clean compressors on cold beverage, cold food, frozen food, and ice cream vending machines at least once a year. Coin mechanisms and bill acceptors on all vending machines should be cleaned regularly to avoid jamming. Disposable parts like water filters in coffee vending machines should be changed on a scheduled basis depending on the shelf life of the part.
  2. Keep Inventory of Parts: Every field maintenance vehicle should be properly stocked with parts so that vending machine technicians can repair vending machines without having to return to the shop. Also, a vending machine operator's shop needs to be properly equipped so that all vehicles can easily reload on parts they need. This will help to prevent costly trips back and forth from the field to the shop.
  3. Good Diagnostic/Repair Skills: Vending machine technicians should receive regular training in order to make sure they are current on the latest vending machine maintenance techniques. Also, good communication with vending machine technicians will ensure that problems are solved in one call. Keeping records of emergency maintenance calls will help to identify problems associated with specific vending machine technicians or route persons.
  4. Maintenance Records: Keeping good maintenance records will help to determine the life of consumable parts so that the vending machine operator knows when to change these parts. Records will also reveal problem areas that may need additional management attention.

By using these preventative maintenance tips, your vending machines will malfunction less and emergency calls will decrease. You will be less stressed and clients and consumers will be happier.

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