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Compare the 2 year USI vending machine warranty to the 1 year Selectivend warranty from the same manufacturer. Why settle for less??


Buy the exact same new USI, Selectivend, and Wittern Group vending machines for 10% to 20% LESS than any Wittern Group Factory Direct sales organization, USI Distributor, or Warehouse Club. Receive a 2 YEAR WARRANTY rather than a one year warranty.

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Soda Vending Machines

Buy new, state of the art soda vending machines in 6 selection, 10 selection, and 12 selection soda vending machine models. All of our soft drink machines are equipped with advanced technical and safety features and can accommodate a wide range of soda vending machine products.  »Learn more...

candy snack vending machine

Buy new, state of the art candy/snack vending machines in various models with up to 49 selections. All of our candy/snack vending machines are equipped with advanced technical and safety features and can accommodate a wide range of candy/snack vending machine products. »Learn more...

soda/snack vending machine

Buy new snack vending machines with up to 42 candy/snacks and 6 can/bottle of soda selections. All combination snack/soda vending machines are equipped with advanced technical and safety features accommodating a wide range of candy, snacks and beverages/soda in cans and bottles.»Learn more...

cold frozen vending machines

Buy new state of the art fresh and frozen food vending machines. Choose from machines offering ice cream, dairy products, fruit juice, sandwiches, frozen entrées, and healthy snacks. »Learn more...

coffee hot beverage vending machine

Buy hot beverage & coffee vending machines that dispense a broad menu of premium and specialty coffees, teas, and soups. Our hot beverage and coffee vending machines are top sellers among other coffee vending machines.
»Learn more...

Vending Machines

Vencoa Vending Machines is one of the largest and most established vending machine distributors to professional vending operators. Clients also include the State of California and many companies that employ between ten and two hundred employees. Buy vending machines from Vencoa Vending Machines to receive the lowest financing rate with 0% down. Vencoa Vending Machines offers wholesale prices for the following vending machines:

» Soda Vending Machines
» Candy Vending Machines
» Snack Vending Machines
» Candy & Snack Combination Vending Machines
» Soda & Snack Combination Vending Machines
» Cold & Frozen Food Vending Machines
» Hot Beverage & Coffee Vending Machines

Vending Machines Warranty

Vencoa Vending Machines prices are the lowest in the United States. All of our sales are backed by service in all fifty states. Additionally, Vencoa Vending Machines offers the lowest prices and Selectivend* factory authorized service in Canada, Australia, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe,the Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia. Read more about Vencoa Vending Machines...

*Vencoa Vending Machines is an authorized distributor of USI vending machines and is not an authorized distributor of Selectivend products.

Vencoa Vending Machines: Leading Factory Direct Vending Machine Distributor